Tumblr is unhealthy, especially when you're in the sherlock fandom and season three just came on.
Im not okay.
Sherlock is the most human, adorable and sincere person i know.
Space husbands
16, and johnlock is killing me

Hannibal Lecter (via nbchannibal)

Will Graham is and will always be my friend.

Sherlock + confused expressions.

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Anonymous asked: Hiya! Could you explain why you think it's a good thing Johnlock won't become canon? I'm not trying to attack your opinion - I also expect it won't happen, and think the show (and ship) will be just as brilliant if they remain friends. But I don't see how it wouldn't be just as good if it did turn out to be endgame.



There was this famously gay English icon/playwright/prisoner Oscar Wilde who wrote “The Importance of Being Ernest.” His character Gwendolen said “This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.” Mark Gatiss once tellingly misquoted the play when discussing Reichenbach:

Asked how guilty he felt about teasing viewers with the cliffhanger, Moffat said: “It’s not teasing them about the fate of a kidnapped relative.

"It’s a television program! So not at all. That’s storytelling."

Gatiss added: “Also, Doyle threw him off a waterfall and left it for ten years, then it came back. We left it two and a half minutes!

"We’re quite nice. Also remember the great adage - the suspense is killing me, I hope it will last." (x)

Suspense is what has made this show an international phenomenon. Pair them off canonically and the pre-coital erotic buzz expends itself. It would be like letting the air out of the balloon. They have no plans to end the show. 

Keep in mind Gatiss is a horror aficionado. We yell “kiss him!” the way you’d yell “don’t go chasing that sound in the dark alone, idiot!” The difference is in horror the victim always does and we like that because we’re blood thirsty. A Johnlock kiss leads where? You can’t domesticate Sherlock Holmes. There’s nothing more boring than marriage. Even murder can’t spice up a wedding scene. 

We will get oodles and oodles of unrequited desire, however. That’s part of the engine. We’ll never hear if Sherlock is straight or gay ergo suspense…

- John, can I kiss you?
- What?

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